Liste des appareils du RTAF Academy de la RTAF basé à Bangkok (THA)   flag-Thailande-air-force

Kong Thab Akat Thai
Aircraft sncodephoto views date
  museum General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon 79-0375102061 32 12.01.2018
  museum North American F-86F Sabre Kh17-7/041315/50221 50 12.01.2018
  museum North American F-86L Sabre Kh17k-4/061214/306771 52 12.01.2018
  museum North American F-86L Sabre Kh17k-11/061232/308921 52 12.01.2018
  museum Northrop F-5TH Tiger II Kh18Kh-2/2171112/61665/SRT1 32 12.01.2018
  museum Northrop RF-5A Freedom Fighter TKh18-4/1323144/971591 50 12.01.2018
Northrop F-5TH Tiger II
tn#10495-F-5-Kh18Kh-2/21-Thaïlande - air force
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