Liste des appareils photographiés à Geilenkirchen (DEU) 2009

7 aircraftsn code Unit
  rdsflag-NATO-OTAN Boeing CT-49A 19997LX-N19997NAEW&CF, Geilenkirchen (DEU)
  rdsflag-NATO-OTAN Boeing CT-49A 20000LX-N20000NAEW&CF, Geilenkirchen (DEU)
 flag-NATO-OTAN Boeing E-3A Sentry 22838LX-N90443NAEW&CF, Geilenkirchen (DEU)
 flag-NATO-OTAN Boeing E-3A Sentry 22848LX-N90453NAEW&CF, Geilenkirchen (DEU)
 flag-NATO-OTAN Boeing E-3A Sentry 22851LX-N90456NAEW&CF, Geilenkirchen (DEU)
 flag-USA-air-force Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker 62-3550ANG197 ARS, Phoenix (US-AZ)
 flag-USA-air-force Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker 64-14831ANG197 ARS, Phoenix (US-AZ)
Boeing E-3A Sentry
tn#4631-B707-22838-NATO - OTAN
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