Liste des appareils photographiés à Deauville (FRA) G3 2010

13 aircraftsn code Unit
flag-Allemagne-air-force Airbus A319-100 CJ15-02FBS BMVg, Köln (DEU)
flag-France-air-force Aerospatiale AS555AN Fennec5427VJEH 03.067 Parisis, Villacoublay (FRA)
flag-France-air-force Aerospatiale AS555AN Fennec5448VREH 03.067 Parisis, Villacoublay (FRA)
flag-France-air-force Airbus A319-100 CJ1556F-RBFBETEC 00.065, Paris-Orly (FRA)
flag-France-air-force Dassault Falcon 7X68F-RAFAETEC 00.065, Villacoublay (FRA)
flag-France-gendarmerie Eurocopter EC135T20757JDFSAG, Rennes (FRA)
flag-France-gendarmerie Eurocopter EC1459169JBRSAG, Villacoublay (FRA)
flag-Russie-air-force Ilyushin Il-76MDRA-78842224 FU, Vnukovo (RUS)
flag-Russie-gouvernement Dassault Falcon 7XRA-09007Rossiya, Vnukovo (RUS)
flag-Russie-gouvernement Dassault Falcon 7XRA-09009Rossiya, Vnukovo (RUS)
flag-Russie-gouvernement Tupolev Tu-154MRA-85631Rossiya, Vnukovo (RUS)
flag-Russie-gouvernement Tupolev Tu-154MRA-85686Rossiya, Vnukovo (RUS)
flag-Russie-gouvernement Tupolev Tu-154MRA-85843Rossiya, Vnukovo (RUS)
Dassault Falcon 7X
tn#1825-Falcon 7X-RA-09007-Russie - gouvernement
Eurocopter EC135T2
tn#1762-EC135-0757-France - gendarmerie
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