Liste des appareils sur le site de Wilmington (US-DE)   USA

Aircraft sncodephoto views date
Beech T-34A Mentor 534119N663DB1 91 01.11.2014
Bell HH-1K Iroquois 157184N616501 122 01.11.2014
Curtiss P-40E Warhawk 41-5709N2416X1 148 01.11.2014
North American B-25J Mitchell 44-30734N9079Z2 103 23.04.2016
North American P-51D Mustang 45-11633N151MW1 70 16.03.2013
PZL-Mielec Lim-6R 1J0528N17HQ1 103 31.10.2014
North American B-25J Mitchell
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