Liste des appareils sur le site de Milwaukee (US-WI)   USA

Aircraft sncodephoto views date
  Beech T-34A Mentor CG-223N34CX1 7 23.07.2019
  Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 3 133579N433RD1 13 25.07.2019
  Cessna L-19A Bird Dog JG-1096N305AB1 12 26.07.2019
  Cessna T-37C Tweet 66-13618N370WB1 31 23.07.2019
  De Havilland Chipmunk T20 P-126N227771 17 26.07.2019
  North American Harvard III 7549N95WM1 7 21.07.2019
  North American T-28C Trojan 140576N289RD1 6 23.07.2019
North American T-28C Trojan
tn#11716 T-28 140576 USA
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