Liste des appareils préservés enregistré en Finlande

[Withdrawn from use] [Sold] [crash on] [Special scheme] [Salutes of crew] [Aircraft weapons] [Preserved]

6 aircraft sn codeDate
flag-Finlande Bell AB-206B JetRanger II 8295 OH-HRG17.05.2018
flag-Finlande Mil Mi-8T HS-14 17.05.2018
flag-Finlande Mil Mi-8T HS-3 17.05.2018
flag-Finlande PZL-Swidnik SM-1SZ HK-2 17.05.2018
flag-Finlande Thulin Typ D F1 16.05.2018
flag-Finlande Valmet L-90TP Redigo RG-10 18.05.2018
Bell AB-206B JetRanger II
tn#11021-Bell 206-8295-Finlande
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