Liste des appareils photographiés à Kadena (JPN) 2018

19 aircraftsn code Unit
 flag-USA-air-force McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle 85-0103ZZ67 FS, Kadena (JPN)
 flag-USA-air-force Sikorsky HH-60G Pave Hawk 89-26207ZZ33 RQS, Kadena (JPN)
 flag-USA-air-force Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker 57-1488ZZ909 ARS, Kadena (JPN)
 flag-USA-navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon 168997RD-997VP-47, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon 168853RD-853VP-47, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon 168758RD-758VP-47, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon 169331RD-331VP-47, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon 169327RD-327VP-47, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon 169325RD-325VP-47, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-navy Lockheed P-3C BMUP Orion 161339RC-339VP-46, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-air-force Boeing RC-135U 64-14847OF45 RS, Offutt (US-NE)
 flag-USA-air-force Boeing C-17A Globemaster III 05-5149HH535 AS, Pearl Harbor (US-HI)
 flag-USA-air-force Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker 62-3565AMC92 ARW, Fairchild (US-WA)
 flag-USA-air-force Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker 58-0055AMC92 ARW, Fairchild (US-WA)
 flag-USA-air-force McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender 86-0034AMC60 AMW, Travis (US-CA)
 flag-USA-navy Lockheed P-3C BMUP+ Orion 161593593VP-46, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-navy Lockheed EP-3E Orion 161410410VQ-1, Whidbey Island (US-WA)
 flag-USA-air-force Lockheed Martin MC-130J Commando II 09-576317 SOS, Kadena (JPN)
 flag-Australie-air-force Boeing P-8A Poseidon A47-00411 Sqn, Edinburgh (AUS)
McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender
tn#11489-DC-10-86-0034-USA - air force
Lockheed P-3C BMUP Orion
tn#11471-Orion-161339-USA - navy
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