Liste des appareils photographiés à Valence (FRA) 2006

11 aircraftsn code Unit
France - navy Nord N.262E Fregate46Flottille 28F, Nîmes (FRA)
France - army Eurocopter EC725 Caracal2638BJRDAOS / EOS-3, Pau (FRA)
France - army Eurocopter EC665 Tigre HAP2012BSTGAM/STAT, Valence (FRA)
France - army Eurocopter AS532UL Cougar2252BSXGAM/STAT, Valence (FRA)
Royaume-Uni - air force EHI Merlin HC3ZJ121E28 Sqn, Benson (GBR)
France - sécurité civile Bombardier Dash 8-Q402MR74F-ZBMDMarseille-Provence (FRA)
France - sécurité civile Beech B200 Super King Air98F-ZBFJMarseille-Provence (FRA)
France - army Aerospatiale SA342M Gazelle3852BSSGAM/STAT, Valence (FRA)
France - army Aerospatiale SA342M Gazelle4194CXK1er RHC / EHA-2, Phalsbourg (FRA)
France - army Aerospatiale SA342M Gazelle4014BSKGAM/STAT, Valence (FRA)
France - army Aerospatiale SA330B Puma1256BSVGAM/STAT, Valence (FRA)
Eurocopter EC665 Tigre HAP
tn#1852 Tigre 2012 France - army
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