Liste des appareils photographiés à Deauville (FRA) D-Day 2009

18 aircraftsn code Unit
  rdsflag-Royaume-Uni-army Westland Lynx AH7 XZ1791 Regiment, Gütersloh (DEU)
  rdsflag-Royaume-Uni-army Westland Lynx AH7 XZ2161 Regiment, Gütersloh (DEU)
 flag-Royaume-Uni-air-force Supermarine Spitfire Vb AB910RF-DBBMF, Coningsby (GBR)
 flag-Royaume-Uni-air-force Supermarine Spitfire LF9C MK356UF-QBBMF, Coningsby (GBR)
 flag-Royaume-Uni Supermarine Spitfire HF9E TA805G-PMNFBiggin Hill (GBR)
  venduflag-France-air-force Socata TB30 Epsilon 149315-ZMEIV 04.315, Cognac (FRA)
  rdsflag-France-air-force Socata TB30 Epsilon 146315-ZKEIV 01.315, Cognac (FRA)
  venduflag-France-air-force Socata TB30 Epsilon 121315-YLEIV 04.315, Cognac (FRA)
 flag-USA-army Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk 87-24647Shape Flt Det, Chievres (BEL)
 flag-USA-army Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk 87-24583Shape Flt Det, Chievres (BEL)
 flag-Royaume-Uni-air-force Lockheed Hercules C5 ZH889LTW, Lyneham (GBR)
 flag-Royaume-Uni-air-force Douglas Dakota III ZA947AIBBMF, Coningsby (GBR)
 flag-France-air-force Dassault Rafale B 319113-HNEC 01.007, Saint Dizier (FRA)
 flag-France-air-force Dassault Rafale B 315113-HKEC 01.007, Saint Dizier (FRA)
  rdsflag-Royaume-Uni-air-force British Aerospace HS-125 CC3 ZD62132 (The Royal) Sqn, Northolt (GBR)
 flag-USA-navy Boeing C-40A Clipper 165834VR-58, Jacksonville (US-FL)
 flag-Royaume-Uni-air-force Avro Lancaster B I PA474BQ-BBBMF, Coningsby (GBR)
  rdsflag-Royaume-Uni-air-force AgustaWestland AW109E Power Elite ZR32332 (The Royal) Sqn, Northolt (GBR)
Douglas Dakota III
tn#4283-DC-3-ZA947-Royaume-Uni - air force
Avro Lancaster B I
tn#4279-Lancaster-PA474-Royaume-Uni - air force
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