Liste des appareils photographiés à Reims (FRA) PCTAM 2008

9 aircraftsn code Unit
flag-Allemagne-air-force Eurofighter EF-2000T Typhoon30-03JG 73, Laage (DEU)
flag-France-air-force Aerospatiale AS555AN Fennec5441VOEH 03.067 Parisis, Villacoublay (FRA)
flag-France-air-force Boeing E-3F Sentry20136-CAEDCA 00.036, Avord (FRA)
flag-France-air-force Dassault Mirage 2000-5F782-ECEC 01.002 Cigognes, Dijon (FRA)
flag-France-army Aerospatiale SA342M1 Gazelle4136CXH1er RHC / EHA-1, Phalsbourg (FRA)
flag-France-navy Dassault Rafale M  crash22Flottille 12F, Landivisiau (FRA)
flag-France-navy Dassault Super Etendard  rds6Flottille 17F, Landivisiau (FRA)
flag-France-navy Grumman E-2C Hawkeye1654551Flottille 4F, Lorient (FRA)
flag-Italie-air-force Eurofighter TF-2000A TyphoonMM551304-3320° Gruppo AO, Grosseto (ITA)
Grumman E-2C Hawkeye
tn#3912-E-2-165455-France - navy
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