Liste des appareils photographiés à Falaise (FRA) 2004

Aircraft sn code Unit
France Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 44-8846F-AZDXLa Ferté Alais (FRA)
France Dassault MD.311 Flamant 276F-AZERAlençon (FRA)
France De Havilland Chipmunk T10 WK562F-AZURAncenis (FRA)
France North American AT-6D Texan 114.906F-AZRDLognes-Emerainville (FRA)
France North American AT-6D Texan 15943F-AZSCCaen-Carpiquet (FRA)
France North American NA-68 Texan 14.F.7F-AZHELa Ferté Alais (FRA)
France North American SNJ-5 Texan 90747F-AZRBLa Ferté Alais (FRA)
France Piper J3C-65 Cub 15243F-GHLQLe Plessis-Belleville (FRA)
France Piper L-4J Grasshopper 41-CF-BKNOBlois-Le Breuil (FRA)
France Piper L-4J Grasshopper 72-GF-BCPKAmiens (FRA)
France Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub 72-AF-BNMPDeauville-St Gatien (FRA)
France - air force Mudry CAP 232   rds18CAEPAA 20.300, Salon (FRA)
France - douanes Aerospatiale AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 5156F-ZBADLe Havre-Octeville (FRA)
France - navy Aerospatiale SA365N Dauphin 2 17Flottille 35F, Cherbourg (FRA)
Royaume-Uni Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat   vendu19G-BTCCDuxford (GBR)
Royaume-Uni Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat 121714G-RUMMDuxford (GBR)
Royaume-Uni Grumman FM-2 Wildcat FG-RUMWDuxford (GBR)
Royaume-Uni North American P-51D Mustang   vendu44-63864G-CBNMDuxford (GBR)
Royaume-Uni Republic P-47D Thunderbolt   vendu42-26413G-THUNDuxford (GBR)
Royaume-Uni Supermarine Spitfire FR14E MV268G-SPITDuxford (GBR)
Royaume-Uni Supermarine Spitfire LF5B EP120G-LFVBDuxford (GBR)
Royaume-Uni - air force Supermarine Spitfire Vb AB910IR-GBBMF, Coningsby (GBR)
USA North American B-25N Mitchell 232511N320SQEindhoven (NLD)
Aerospatiale SA365N Dauphin 2
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
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